To enhance the quality of life for military service members, veterans and their families through an innovative blend of recreational therapy and biofeedback training.


We believe that all military personnel and their families have made a significant sacrifice for our country, and deserve an opportunity to rebuild their lives and restore their overall health and well-being with the very best that nature and technology has to offer.


Our goal for all Warrior Institute programs is to increase the quality of life of our program participants. To achieve this goal, our programs are designed to improve the functional independence in our program participants by developing or enhancing the following:

  • Stress management techniques (through biofeedback training); which in turn enhances individual and family resilience
  • Physical strength and endurance (through participation in our recreation based activities)
  • Social support networks (by participating in a group setting and interacting with peers
  • Emotional balance and psychological well-being (by being in an outdoor/nature based setting and participation in biofeedback training)



Military service members, veterans, and their families.


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