Warrior Institute will be looking for veterans who have experienced TBI and/or PTSD who have successfully transitioned to “civilian life” to act as peer mentors and group leaders of our programs. If interested in helping out with our future programs, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Warrior Institute would not exist without the generous time donated by our dedicated group of volunteers. For additional information regarding future volunteer opportunities, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good News! It’s official — Warrior Institute is now a Florida 501c3 public charity. Pilot programs are commencing. Come back to this site for upcoming activities and news updates. For donations, click here for credit card or Paypal options.

Checks may be sent to: 
Warrior Institute
1119 NW 25th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32609

We're moving forward and appreciate your support.

Warrior Institute needs a variety of instructors/trainers with different specialty areas for future programs. Areas of specialization include: Personal training, recreational therapy, outdoor recreation programming/instruction, and biofeedback. Those interested in future careers with Warrior Institute should send cover letter and resume to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Outpost Barista

Help Warrior Institute raise awareness and funding for recreational trips while providing “revitalization through caffeination” as an Outpost Barista; prepare drinks, serve people with a smile, and make a difference in our community!

We’re looking for volunteer baristas who are honest, reliable, friendly, comfortable handling money, able to work independently or on small teams, and can commit to at least one two-hour long shift per week. Volunteers with applicable prior experience are a plus, but don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about making coffee drinks. Training will be provided and you’ll spend time shadowing a current barista to help you learn the ropes.

Volunteer Program Instructor

Do you have experience leading groups in recreational outdoor activities such as canoe/kayak outings, local hikes, and bike rides? Would you like to provide Warrior Institute with direct assistance in meeting their mission? If you answered yes to these questions, you should join the team as a volunteer program instructor!

Warrior Institute is looking for volunteers with recreational guide experience and good communication skills to help us expand the number and types of trips we provide to our veterans. Volunteer program instructors will work closely with the Program Manager to lead trips and provide biofeedback training. Time commitment will vary depending on the type and location of each trip, but 9am-4pm on program days is a typical schedule.

Training and probationary periods will depend on the unique skill level and prior experience of the volunteer program instructor, and will be determined by the Program Manager on a case-by-case basis. Experience working with veteran populations is a plus.

Volunteer Program Assistant

Warrior Institute is looking for dedicated volunteers to assist our program instructors with various aspects of our trips/activities, including: handling activity equipment, serving lunch, setting up biofeedback training equipment, and helping to ensure the overall safety of the group. If you’re physically fit, have good communication skills, love outdoor activities and want to make a difference in the lives of our veterans, this volunteer position is for you!

Volunteer program assistants allow for more veterans to participate in each of the activities by providing support for our program instructors (and occasionally by providing transportation for participants in need). Activities range from canoe/kayak trips to bike rides and local hikes, and typically go from 9am-4pm on either weekdays or weekends. Training is provided and volunteer program assistants will coordinate with the Program Manager to determine which trips best suit each individual volunteer’s skill set and interests.

Volunteer Fundraising Committee Member

Warrior Institute is looking for active, engaged, and creative people to form a volunteer fundraising committee that will plan, coordinate, and help execute fundraising events for our organization. This committee will work closely with the Executive Director to ensure that event ideas and execution are in line with Warrior Institute’s mission and objectives. The committee will meet once a month to brainstorm ideas, divide the workload for events, and check in on event progress. In addition to the monthly meeting, each committee member will be expected to contribute outside time and effort according to their role in each project.

Grant Writer

Would you like to flex your writing muscles and help Warrior Institute tell the story of where we’ve been, where our programs are making a positive impact now, and where we plan to go in the future? We’re looking for volunteer grant writers to help us locate and secure funding to continue our good work and expand our programs and services.

Volunteer grant writers should have excellent writing skills, be able to spot and correct grammatical errors, and manage time efficiently to meet deadlines. Since you will also assist us in locating appropriate grants for our organization, experience with the non-profit grant process is a plus.

Disclaimer: Warrior Institute is extremely grateful for each and every volunteer applicant who wishes to join the team and help us serve our veterans. In order to create a harmonious and effective team, Warrior Institute carefully screens each potential volunteer to ensure they are a good fit for both the organization as a whole and the specific position they apply for.

Please use this link to our online volunteer application and complete the form if you wish to be considered for a volunteer position.

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